Makeup for Dark Skin Beauties

Beauty is not defined by colour complexions and skin type, all are beautiful in itself. There are varied skin types and varied complexion. With women new leaders of today, makeup is one of their important aid which not only is add on their beauty but also raises their confidence to an all-new level. It is an age-old myth that dark skin women do not have much to do when it comes to makeup, but as mentioned it is only a myth. In today’s evolving world, makeup is there for every skin type be it fair or dark. All that matters is a combination of right makeup shades with the skin type.

 Right makeup applied wisely helps in getting a glowing and beautiful skin. Dark complexion in itself is very charming and a right makeup highlights the charm of the beautiful lady. Following mentioned are a few steps which dark complexion women can use to get a glowing and beautiful skin.


1) Cleanup of Skin

The most important aspect of beautiful skin is clean skin. Keeping the skin clean not only keeps unwanted pimples and acne but also enhances the real skin and the real beauty is related which takes the makeup to a new level.


2) Moisturized Skin

Moisturized skin is the second step in the makeup procedure. Moisturized skin helps the skin to get necessary nutrients. It is like to shield which prevents the makeup from destroying your skin.


3) Choice of right Foundation

The different foundation works for different skin types, you need to choose a foundation in accordance with your skin types i.e. oily or dry skin or a combined skin type. After skin types come the skin tone never, the colour of the foundation should be the in accordance with the skin tone, else your skin would look patchy, further destroying the entire makeup.


4) Under Eye Concealer

Today every lady has dark circles which are another big hurdle in getting perfect makeup. It is advisable to use concealer to hide the dark circles properly. It will minimize the dark circles and give a perfect base for good eye makeup.


5) Setting Powder

Setting powder holds the base makeup adding to a long-lasting and flawless makeup look.


6) Highlighter

A creamy highlighter is just love as it is like a face polish. If you want to create an illusion of large eyes, apply highlighter under the brow bone, above the crease in eyelids and a small dot in the apple of your cheeks and at last on forehead and chin.


7) Eye Shadows

Girls with dark skin can always look up for bright colour eye shadows. As summers are coming so we have just the right type of Obba Beauty Summer eyeshadow palettes for black women. With the rising temperature raise the level of your eye makeup as you the most colourful eye shadow palette. The summer eye shadow palette is just the right option as it has all shades which are perfect for every attire you put on by the professional meeting look, quirky party look or the daily casual look. Finish our perfect eye makeup with eyeliner and mascara. Now you are ready with just the right kind of eyes, which you wished for.


8) Lip Colors

Girls with dark skin can get a perfect look by choosing bright lip colours like reds & purples. But, the colour should also match the skin undertones. In case you wish to choose a neutral colour while selecting the lip colour, keep in mind that it is close to your natural skin type.


9) Applying Blush

The best trick for girls with dark skin is to use bronzer as blush or use a neutral blush. Bronzer highlights give cheeks and highlight the cheekbones. Corals are great colours to try out.


10) Experiments

So dark skin girls out there don’t be afraid of wearing bold and bright colours. You can rock with red lipstick and dark blue eyeshadow but not at the same time.

 Dark skin is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. Just use these tips and next time you will be ready not only with beautiful skin but also with all new confidence.

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