Its Time to Celebrate your Real and Natural Beauty!!

OBAA BEAUTY believes beauty stems from within but expressed through makeup. Its time to level up your eye makeup game and get your perfect eye look to slay any event or party with OBAA BEAUTY.

 This summer, play with the most colorful eyeshadow palettes to create head-turning, Instagram makeup looks.

We know most ladies love pigmented eyeshadow palettes. It plays an important role to enhance your eye. Colorful eyeshadow palette draws every women's attention but which palette should be used and how to be used for the respective event or any function can be tricky. Sometimes it's all about being creative and artistic and expressing yourself.

 Whether it's a natural everyday look, the perfect shimmery smoky eye look, or something bright and bold, the best colorful eyeshadow palettes allow you to slay every look.

In this blog, we will discuss how to find the perfect eyeshadow palette based on your look, style or event. Learning how to use a colorful eyeshadow palette can be overwhelming, whether you are dealing with one palette or 10 palettes, where to place the correct shade can turn into a guessing game. A shade too dark in the center of your eyelid can turn you sultry smokey eye into a Halloween makeup, and the same dark shade at the outer corner of your lid can turn you into a night party girl.

This blog aims to provide tips and tricks to express yourself with your eyeshadow look:


Step 1: Decide on your look

Before diving into any eyeshadow palette with your brush, first, decide what kind of look you want to achieve. This will inform you of the color choices for your lid, crease, and center. If you’re going for a soft look, you want to head toward lighter shades, with minimal glitter or shimmer, relatively close to your skin tone, and if you desire a more dramatic look, head toward the heavier shimmers and deeper, daring tones.

 Step 2: Get your lid shade

Now as you are done with your eye base and have an idea of your look the next step is picking the shade that will go on your eyelid. Pack on the color with a flat brush across the eyelids. As a rule of thumb, place the shadow on the area where you can feel your eyeball.


Step 3: Pick the shade for your crease

The crease shade is important to define your lids. Use the blending brush for your crease. It's good to use a matte instead of a shimmer for your crease. By applying the crease shade, you’re able to alter the eye shape and create depth on the lid.

 In the end, apply perfect Matte liquid lipstick to complete your look. Now you are ready for any event or party!

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